Unlock the power of your VoC

Get beyond surveys and sentiment to discover the unsolicited, unbiased, and unabridged, voice of the customer.

Why settle for a fraction of customer feedback when you can have it all?

Product feedback from your customers is invaluable. Relying on surveys alone provides only a fraction of the story. With the right feedback solution, the VoC team provides impactful, data-informed insights about your customer journey and what products and features to build next.

Real-time insights

Customers are giving us useful information about their experiences all day, every day. This “data” is in customer emails, tickets, chats, call transcripts, user communities, and more. Currently, the only way to utilize this information is if someone manually identifies, records, and escalates it — until now. With Study, VoC teams have real-time access to the pulse of the customer. Data is account-based, categorized by topics, and delivered however teams want to use it.
A watch with Sturdy Signals as the numbers.

Making VoC data actionable

Processing VoC data can be an incredibly time-consuming process. It requires pouring through sometimes-massive data sets to uncover themes and report them to the right teams. Staffing for this is a nightmare. With Sturdy, VoC teams autonomously extract signals and topics impacting products, processes, and relationships.