Hot July 🔥 Sturdy is on fire - product updates

Joel Passen
July 30, 2022
5 Min Read

The Sturdy product and data teams have been busy this summer! Here is what they’ve been sweatin' over for the past several weeks. The teams have been focused on 3 major releases. The first of which will drop next week. 

Thresholds for Sturdy Automations 

Thursday, we’ll release Thresholds for Sturdy Automations. Thresholds will allow you to build automations that count the number of Signals, per Account, in a given timeframe. 

For example, 1 reschedule or unhappy signal from your best customer in a week might not be an issue, but 3 in 30 days certainly is... 



Thresholds for Automations takes your workflows a step further. Released several months ago, Sturdy Automations enable you to create your own automated workflows without writing a single line of code. Build out new combinations tailored to the needs of specific teams that want more information about your customers. Then extend workflows in the systems they work in the most like emails, Slack, Salesforce, CSPs, and more. Read more about Automations here

Thresholds marks the first big enhancement to Automations but it is by no means the last. We’ll continue to build out this functionality with help from our ever expanding user base.  

New Contract Request Signal 

This week we released a new Signal, Contract Request. Sturdy now has 15 business-specific signals available to customers, with many more in the making. 

If you have ever learned with great disappointment that your billing team sent your best customer a copy of their contract...90 days ago, then you will immediately understand why we built the Contract Request signal. 

This signal will detect when a customer requests a contract, or if one of your teammates says something like, “Here’s your contract! Let me know if you need anything else!” In many organizations the finance team responds to these requests and never alerts the CS team.  

Signal Subtopics COMING SOON! 

We love that our Signals help you drive business processes and insights. But we heard that you wanted more detail – like, what kinds of bugs are customers asking about? Which “how-to” questions are they asking the most often? When they are unhappy, why? 

 In a few weeks, our next major release, Automatic Topic Modeling, will give you those details like:

  • Most frequently asked How To questions 
  • Most common reason for Unhappiness 
  • Top reasons for Bug Reports 

 If you want to nerd out on the technology behind this release, do a google on Unsupervised Clustering. It’s pretty cool stuff. 

As always, our goal at Sturdy is to enable the previously impossible. We remain exceptionally focused on identifying risks and opportunities across every customer interaction – regardless of which inbox those signals land in.

Interested in how Sturdy can help your team? Get in touch.   


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