The check engine light for customer churn.

We hate churn. That's why we built Sturdy, the world's first AI-powered platform to prevent customer churn.

First, Sturdy identifies the customer and team behaviors that drive revenue retention.

We do this by analyzing your largest and most valuable data source, what your customers say to you and your team in phone calls, emails, tickets, and chats. Unfortunately, 99% of this information is seen once and wasted in almost every business. But it doesn’t need to be this way. With Sturdy’s AI, you can turn these conversations into insights and interventions that prevent churn.

Then, Sturdy kicks-off clear and concise intervention plans.

With Sturdy, users can set up intervention triggers and automations to action on churn risks. We’re not talking about some red blip on a dashboard. We’re talking about a critical signal and its context, then finding the right person to take action. For example, it’s common for customers to express that they have been “oversold” on features or services that don’t exist. Sturdy automatically discovers this behavior and, within seconds, can notify the appropriate person on your team to take action before it’s too late.

Your customers bought your product or service hoping it would work. They didn’t buy it to cancel.

The challenge is knowing what you don’t know. What do customers want? Who is good at helping them? Are we annoying our customers, and if so, who is and how?

Luckily for you, Sturdy was built to answer these questions. And once you answer them, interventions automatically launch to ensure you keep your customers as happy as they were the day they signed up.

We trained language models on 55 million business conversations.

When you sign up with Sturdy, you will get out-of-the-box, pre-trained language models that already understand product and process issues. Our AI will:

  1. Identify customer and team behaviors that increase retention.
  2. Allow you to segment these behaviors by a representative, CSM, account value, product line, and more.
  3. Kick-off clear and concise intervention plans.

Monitor. Identify. Act.