The check engine light for your customers.

You have monitoring systems for your servers and infrastructure. How about a monitoring system for your most valuable asset, your customers?

Trusted by leading customer-obsessed companies

The first AI-powered platform that actually boosts retention


Million business conversations are used to train our models.


Average increase in customer retention.
*If you don’t believe us, check out our case studies.


Weeks on average from implementation to boosting retention.

We find the warnings in everyday customer conversations, emails, tickets, and chats that lead to retention risks.

First, Sturdy securely monitors all communications from your customers across every channel.

Sturdy then organizes this data set into an unbiased, single source of customer truth. There's nothing to download, install, or remember to BCC. It just works. Simple, smart, and safe.

Next, Sturdy reveals customer behaviors, so your team can take action on risks and opportunities that drive retention.  

Your teams now have the insights to improve your product, marketing, services, and processes.

What are your customers saying? Customer conversations are the best source of retention indicators by volume, count, and insight. When you turn their voice into data, the lift is remarkable.

Your customers bought your product or service hoping it would work. They didn’t buy it to cancel.

With over 30 language models and counting, Sturdy is trained on over 100 million business conversations like the ones your team is having every day.

And Sturdy doesn’t get tired, never goes on vacation, and only gets better the more you use it. It always has your back and always gets to the truth.

Sturdy trained on 100+ million business conversations just like the ones your company engages in every minute of every day.

Sturdy unlocks a new frontier for data-driven customer leaders—the unabridged, unbiased, unsolicited voice of the customer.

How can you use this data? We’re here to help. Sturdy guides you and your team to make the right decisions. And we have the training you need to become a data-driven retention expert.

With Sturdy, we went from largely wasting our most powerful data source, our customers' voices, to creating easily understandable metrics and interventions that everyone in our company can use. It took less than six weeks to see month-over-month retention improve by 30%."
Tony Delmercado
President @ Hawke Media