The check engine light for customer churn.

We hate churn. That's why we built Sturdy, the world's first AI-powered platform to combat customer churn.

Prevent customer churn.

If we had these insights in the past, we would have already prevented several cancellations this year.”
Lisa Sowerby, VP of Client Delivery
@ PuzzleHR
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Automatically deliver insights to the right team.

Before Sturdy, we had the daunting task of collecting and structuring data for insights. The process was time-consuming and costly.
Steven Jiang, CEO & Co-Founder
@ HireEZ
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Powerful product insights.

We discovered that one of our product lines was responsible for 84% of our customer confusion and dissatisfaction.”
Brian Strock, Global Process Owner
@ Laerdal
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The first tool you’ll open every morning.

When I need to see what’s happening with an account, I go to Sturdy before I go to Salesforce.”
Josh Soroko, VP of Operations
@ MP
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If you want AI in your business tomorrow, get Sturdy today.