Sturdy is the
check engine light
for your business.

Like your car's warning system, Sturdy's AI alerts you to customer-related issues, product gaps, and revenue risks.

Harness the power of AI with one-click integrations.

With Sturdy, collect all unstructured interactions with your prospects and customers—the stuff stuck in various silos—emails, chats, tickets, call transcripts, and more. Clean it up, synthesize it with different data sources, and get it into one searchable system every team will use.

Quit looking for info. Let it find you.

Your business will never generate less data than it does now. With Sturdy, the dark data trapped in your business finds the people and teams that need it most, without requiring data entry.

Never compromise anyone's privacy.

Sturdy anonymizes and redacts all PII to ensure you deliver the privacy and protection your customers deserve. Not to mention, Sturdy provides the peace of mind of remaining 100% compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Yesterday you searched for information. Today it will find you.

Route cancellation insights to account managers. Surface unbiased feature requests to product teams. Send bug reports to the engineering team and more. Sturdy automatically delivers the insights to answer the “why?” and “what next?” to the teams and systems that need it most.
Led by a team of seasoned SAAS entrepreneurs and experienced data scientists, Sturdy is unlocking massive value from data that has been hiding in plain sight.”
Tom Chavez
Co-Founder & CEO, Ketch
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Keep your customers.
Try it out for yourself. Setup is easy and the insights last forever.