Discover insights about your products, services, and customers in seconds.

With Sturdy, you can drill into every customer conversation to discover detailed information about specific processes, products, services, and so much more.

Get specific intelligence on
what products and services are causing the most customer confusion—instantly.

Pinpoint the source of customer confusion in seconds. Stop relying on surveys and opinions to understand what your customers say about your product and services, and start listening to your customers at scale - all the time.

You can see which unhappy customers are requesting copies of their contracts

Our data shows that 84% of customers with unhappy sentiments that have also submitted a contract request churn within six months. It might be a simple Custom Signal to set up, but it’s also a game changer.

Know which members of your team are exceeding expectations

Sturdy offers the first objective opportunity for managers to assess the proactivity of their teammates. This kind of Custom Signal provides visibility and accountability to
ensure your team stays ahead of the curve and customer expectations.