Introducing Sturdy Account Views

Joel Passen
March 22, 2023
3 Minutes

Account views in Sturdy, the leading AI for Business platform, are specific views or displays of all the interaction data related to a particular customer account or group of accounts.

Account views are designed to provide a comprehensive and consolidated view of all interactions and touchpoints the business has had with specific customer accounts or groups of accounts. This allows cross-functional teams to better understand the customer's needs, preferences, and behaviors, which can help teams develop more targeted and effective strategies to engage, expand, and retain the account. 

Account-based views in Sturdy are helpful for several reasons:

  1. Focused view of customer data: Account-based views provide a focused view of all the data related to a specific account or customer. This allows teams to understand the customer better and personalize their approaches.
  2. Better alignment of cross-functional efforts: With account-based views, sales, CX, support, product, marketing, and operations teams can work together to identify the needs and pain points of each account and develop tailored strategies to address them. 
  3. Improved collaboration among team members: Account-based views enable teams to share information and collaborate more effectively. Having all relevant customer data in one place allows team members to communicate easily and work together, giving the customer a better experience. 
  4. A new collective reality: Account views create a shared understanding of the customer's history, preferences, needs, situation, and requirements. This can be especially important when dealing with complex or long-term customer relationships, where multiple individuals or teams may be involved in the sales and service processes. 

Overall, account views in Sturdy will play an important role in creating a shared understanding of customer accounts and helping organizations work together more effectively to meet customer needs and achieve desired outcomes.

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