Live Workshop - The New Data Frontier — Leveraging Language for Customer Intelligence

April 18, 2022
5 Min Read
Customer Intelligence

Live Workshop: Leveraging Language for Customer Intelligence

Apr 28, 2022 10:00 AM Pacific  / 1:00 PM Eastern

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In B2B SaaS businesses, customer-facing teams interact with hundreds of customers every month via email, chat, support tickets, and video calls. Nearly 20% of those conversations contain valuable information that teams can use to improve products, strengthen relationships, and impact revenue. For subscription-based businesses, the insights that can be derived from a company’s language cube makes accessing this data a business imperative for leaders.

Customer language is an enormous data set. On average, a $30m B2B SaaS company produces more than 10,000 customer conversations every month. How closely are you listening?

Capturing, consolidating, and analyzing the true voice of the customer sounds like a good idea, right? To be a successful customer leader, your teams must be able to devise new ways to improve the overall customer experience and, at the same time, drive value. With a plan in place to use customer language — the authentic voice of the customer — your line of business is empowered to influence customer engagement through better product inputs, build deeper relationships with multiple stakeholders, and drive revenue retention and net dollar retention.

You and your team are invited! 

Join Cynthia Beldner, Customer Success and Operations leader, for 30 minutes to see how innovative teams are leveraging customer conversations to:

- Gather valuable customer intelligence at scale

- Automate repetitive, inefficient yet critical tasks

- Turn the voice of the customer into data any team can access and use

This is also a great opportunity to see Sturdy in action.

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