You're in the pros

Joel Passen
April 25, 2024
2 Minutes

My neighbor asked me to speak with his son (who is not connected here on LI). The son is a mid-market account manager (post-sales) at a large SI (pure services). His remits are expansion/upsell, renewal assistance, and retention/escalation. His book has 30 customers, and its approximate value is just shy of $1mm annually.

He's stuck.

He's stuck at his company. They pay well. His role isn't challenging him anymore. He doesn't want to do pure sales or pure CS work. He is smart. He is motivated to create a career path. Right now, he can't see the forest from the trees.

After 20 minutes, he asked me what he should start, continue, and stop doing. Great question in this context.

Here was my advice. If you know me well, you know it took many more words than LinkedIn will accept in a single post. 😉

🏅 Start thinking of yourself as a professional athlete.

Professional athletes spend +90% of their time preparing for competition. Prepare like a pro for both internal and external meetings. Study your customers and learn everything you can about them. This will prepare you for your account reviews with your leadership. This will help you blow out your KPIs. This will build the foundation of success. Preparation is hard. It's tedious. You will be working harder than ever. Keep doing it. You will not see results for at least 6 mo. Keep going.  

💡 Continue asking for help.

Tapping into the expertise and experiences of others is a dying art. New people offer new perspectives. Getting advice will help you learn how other pros have built their careers. As an early/mid-career person, building relationships and networks will serve you well now and in the future. You're defined by the company you keep. Expand your community. It will, eventually, unlock opportunities.

🛑 Stop going through the motions.

Lacking purpose, passion, and interest is a career-advancement death sentence. Most importantly, it leads to dissatisfaction, stagnation, and lack of fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Stop just trying to make your numbers. Kill your number. Stop relying on what got you here. Dig deeper to force yourself to grow. Every day can be the first day of school. You have the power to reinvent yourself every day.

You are in the pros now. Be a pro.

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