The Sturdy story

We are not AI developers who created a cool AI and went to find a problem. We're entrepreneurs who had a problem and used AI to solve it.

Sturdy was born

In their past roles, Steve, Nathaniel, and Joel realized an ever-growing body of valuable information being captured in the back-and-forth conversation between businesses and their customers. Out of this discovery, Sturdy was born.

The dream in 2019

In 2019, following successful exits from Paycor and Newton Software, Joel, Steve, and Nathaniel started Sturdy to help SaaS businesses improve net dollar retention with the vision of using this unstructured data to:

• Create more resilient customer relationships,

• Maintain better product-market fit,

• Optimize and improve business processes.

We solved the hard stuff first

Customer emails. That's the hard stuff we're referring to. We started by building patent-pending technology to ingest emails directly into Sturdy. Emails are the holy grail of customer communication, with a volume often exceeding support tickets by 5-15X. We knew that was the place to start.

Our approach

At Sturdy, we design technology that we want to use. We sell software how we’d want to buy it, and we are passionate about providing the level of service and support that we expect from our partners. We do things the right way, not the easy way. And, we are very aware that over over-promising can lead to less than stellar outcomes!
If I had been monitoring these Signals a month ago, we would have known about issues and would have been able to stop them from becoming escalations.
Lisa Sowerby
VP of CE & Delivery @ PuzzleHR
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