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What is Sturdy?

Sturdy is an AI for Business Platform that allows businesses to leverage the power of applied and generative AI to reimagine products, refine processes, and transform experiences to maintain a competitive edge. It collects unstructured data sources like customer emails, tickets, chats, meetings, community data, and more via public APIs. It then restructures the data while de-identifying customer data to address privacy concerns. The “clean” data is combined with other data sources like CRM data and gets put into one searchable system that every team can use. Then, Sturdy uses artificial intelligence to surface essential topics and themes that help teams improve products, relationships, and revenue. 

What kind of company is Sturdy best suited for? 

Today, Sturdy is primarily designed to serve businesses that provide their products or services to other businesses (B2B). The type of products or services that our customers provide vary by industry but are concentrated in the high-tech and software verticals. Companies of all sizes use Sturdy, from scale-ups to enterprises, Sturdy is a flexible solution that scales with demand. 

What teams at my company benefit from Sturdy?

Sturdy is for any team that can benefit from knowing more about their customers. From c-suite executives and product leaders to sales and marketing professionals, Sturdy delivers insights at scale from data that has been hiding in plain sight. 

What challenges does Sturdy address? 

Companies collect an enormous amount of data, but most fail to make it actionable. AI makes this possible. However, companies continue to struggle to harness the value of AI responsibly and at scale. Sturdy is the answer. Sturdy’s AI for Business platform provides a turnkey solution to collect, normalize, de-identify, analyze, and deliver data and insights to team members that need it the most. 

I’m worried about privacy and compliance. Can I still use Sturdy? 

After it turns the tangled mess of customer data into a valuable knowledge source, Sturdy anonymizes and redacts all PII to ensure you deliver the privacy and protection your customers deserve. Not to mention, Sturdy provides the peace of mind of remaining 100% compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Do I need a bunch of data and AI resources to use Sturdy?

No! That’s the beauty of Sturdy. The platform has everything you need to start using the power of AI to reimagine products, tune processes, and build better experiences for your customers this week. We designed Sturdy to be simple, smart, and safe. Getting started takes a few days and requires less than an hour from your resources.