Ready. Set. Automate.

Manual data entry is a thing of the past. With Sturdy, you can automate data entry in Salesforce, Jira, Gainsight, Slack, email, and more.

Select your Signal.

Select any of our Signals with ease. Whether it’s revenue, relationship, product, or process related, we have you covered.

Threshold, count, & period.

Once you’ve selected your Signal, you’ll need to identify whether or not you want to measure an exact number or more. You’ll select the specific count that Signal was fired within a period of days.

The field & value.

This is where things get interesting. Sturdy connects with your existing tech stack with one-click integrations. This means you can select any field from your CRM for example. Similarly, you can highlight a specific value like Enterprise, SMB, or Startup.

Select a destination.

Once you have outlined the parameters of your automation, it’s time to notify the appropriate team or individual. You can route these automations to add an event to your CRM, send an email to a stakeholder, or update a Slack channel.
Year to date, we haven’t lost any clients in our 100+ segment base, and a big part of that is having our hand on the pulse with Sturdy.
Josh Soroko
VP of Operations @ MP


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