Report: Customer Intelligence Index 2023

Learn how to uncover the not-so-obvious opportunities for upsell, cross-sell, renewal, and advocacy with Customer Intelligence.

Customer email intelligence

Customer emails account for 75% of all incoming data sources. That’s more than 5X the next inbound data source, support tickets. With Sturdy, you can classify, categorize and identify critical themes, topics and sentiments in each email.

Safely & securely extract customer emails

Extracting customer emails needs to be rock-solid, secure, and highly configurable. At Sturdy, we have a patent-pending suite of tools that ensure only emails from/to customers can be ingested. This toolkit also allows Administrators to ask Sturdy to ignore emails sent by certain people, or it can be restricted at the API-level.

Single pane of glass

All your customer interactions - tickets, chats, call transcripts, user communities, and more is moved out of silos and merged into one view. A single pane of glass to add time to everyone’s day.

Classify, categorize and identify

After converting customer conversations into a valuable data source, Sturdy uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to surface essential topics and themes. Within these topics and themes lie valuable insights and discrete events that we refer to as Signals.

Route & alert the teams and teammates who need to know

Sturdy’s automation engine allows our customers to harmonize email intelligence with CRM data. This will ensure that the correct information gets to the right team every time.
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