Protect your revenue proactively and boost the bottom line.

Revamp how you manage revenue.

Unlock insights from the most valuable data—what your customers tell you.

The variety, velocity, and volume of today’s unstructured customer data can make it seem unusable—until now. Sturdy does the dirty work for you, providing access to data you’ve never had access to before, like customer emails, support tickets, customer chats, call transcripts, user community platforms, and more.

Remove subjectivity and create a shared reality.

Quit relying on opinions and gain objective insight into customer relationships. Sturdy unifies your entire team around your customers' needs, wants, and frustrations. Ensure that retention, growth, and expansion opportunities are accurately recognized and acted upon in time to improve this quarter’s results.

Eliminate the guesswork from account reviews.

Leverage automated conversation listening and analysis to instantly get to the facts about your accounts. Sturdy’s AI agents have been trained on +30 intent behaviors that customers exhibit in email, tickets, chats, and calls, ranging from contract requests and point of contact changes to churn identification—far enough in advance to do something about it.

Unlock a 360º view for informed decision-making.

Capture competitor mentions, renewal conversations, pricing details, and feature requests—all within the broader context of your account management activities, ensuring a comprehensive 360º view for informed decision-making.
With Sturdy, we went from largely wasting our most powerful data source, our customers' voices, to creating easily understandable metrics and interventions that everyone in our company can use. It took less than six weeks to see month-over-month retention improve by 30%.”
Tony Delmercado
President @ Hawke Media


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