Revamp your outlook retention and LTV

Be it retention or expansion, we built Sturdy to boost your revenue.

Learn how MP retained 100% of their 100+ segment base with Sturdy

Turn unusable data into knowledge to lift revenue

The variety, velocity, and volume of today’s unstructured customer data can make it seem unusable — until now.  Sturdy does the dirty work for you, providing access to previously unstructured data from customer email, support tickets, customer chats, call transcripts, user community platforms, and more.

Get ahead of churn risks

A customer’s decision to churn happens long before the cancellation click. With Sturdy, you’ll always know when a customer’s communications are beginning to shift from “green” to “gone”. When a customer cancels, they’re gone for good. But what if you could get ahead of that cancellation by days, weeks or even months? Now you can with Sturdy.