Automatic product insights from unstructured data

Product insights are trapped too far from the people that need them. Sturdy discovers these insights at scale and automatically routes them to the right team.

Automatically surface feature requests

Empower everyone on your product team with self-service access to the unsolicited, unbiased voice of your user.

Spot the trends and topics behind bugs

Engineering and product teams need consistent, autonomous feedback about prioritizing the issues that matter most to your users. Programmatically identify topics and trends.

Know what constantly confuses your customers

Product confusion causes users to be 73% less likely to share positive experiences with others.

Better understand customer needs

Let's face it, not every element of your product is intuitive. Get insights to achieve the desired outcome of your product autonomously.
Sturdy has become a mission-critical component of our tech stack, helping us scale our service delivery team by leveraging AI for data analysis and automation.
Joshua Soroko
Vice President of Operations @ MP
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