Stop relying on the loudest voices

AI can collect and analyze vast amounts of customer feedback without bias or agenda. Identify recurring patterns to understand customer preferences, needs, and frustrations.

Create a collective reality

Every team needs the same data about customer preferences, feature requests, and usability issues to create a cohesive customer experience. An aligned understanding of customers' wants and needs allows teams to prioritize product features, make informed design decisions, and develop products that match customer expectations.

Fix faster together

Leverage data to foster close collaboration between customer-facing teams and product teams and to identify and resolve technical issues faster. With Sturdy, customer issues, bugs, and feature requests are automatically sent to product teams, enabling them to address these issues promptly. This agility improves the customer experience and prevents potential escalations and retention issues.

Know what constantly confuses your customers

Product confusion causes users to be 73% less likely to share positive experiences with others. Sturdy will help you minimize the risk of misunderstandings, reduce uncertainty, and build lasting trust in your brand.

Better understand customer needs

Let's face it, not every element of your product is intuitive. Get insights to achieve the desired outcome of your product autonomously and at scale.
We discovered that one of our product lines was responsible for 84% of our customer confusion and dissatisfaction.”
Brian Strock
Global Process Owner @ Laerdal


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