Instantly see what's happening in any account, anytime.

Sturdy surfaces account-based summaries complete with trends and things to watch.

An objective, complete, overview across everyone working with your customer.

Rather than listening to dozens of Gong recordings, clicking through hundreds of tickets, or wading through your CRM for hours, Sturdy gives you the facts and just the facts in seconds.

Get specific insights about account-based risks and opportunities right now.

Summaries are great, but Sturdy's AI takes summaries to the next level by giving you instant insights into trends and specific things to watch. Know what to work on next. Never hop on another Zoom call and wing it. Summaries are the thing you always wanted, and now they're here.

Your crystal ball awaits.

With the snap of your fingers, you know which accounts are considering canceling and why. Congratulations, you've just become the hero who saved an account and started a renewal conversation because you've never been so prepared.