Introducing the Discount, Costing Cutting, and Apology Signals

Joel Passen
February 13, 2023
5 Min Read
Sturdy Signals

More Signals! More insights! More knowledge!  Today, we’re excited to announce the release of three new Signals designed to help our customers better understand their customers and what to know, now. As always, the new Signals were inspired by Sturdy’s existing customers and their feedback. 

Introducing the “Apology”, “Discounting”, and “Cost Cutting” Signals. Designed and built by our data engineering team, the new language models detect the following:

  • When your internal teammates apologize to customers
  • When discounts or price reductions are discussed with customers
  • When customers ask to cut costs or reduce spend 

Sturdy is the only customer intelligence platform with out-of-the-box, purpose-built language models. Adding these three new Signals brings the total number of Signals available to Sturdy customers to 23. Sturdy customers will be able to take advantage of these new Signals on Feb 15, 2023.  


This Signal detects when a teammate apologizes to a customer. This Signal takes directionality into account and only “signals” on outbound interactions. 

For example, when a teammate says something like, “we sincerely apologize for just getting a response out to you now,” in a support ticket, a signal is being sent. The teammate apologizes for dropping the ball. Maybe this is an isolated issue. Or, if this is a common occurrence, it could be a problem and, ultimately, detrimental to the relationship. 


This signal detects when a discount or price reduction is discussed with a customer. This signal takes directionality into account and only “signals” on outbound interactions. 

For example, when a teammate says something like, “I was approved to offer a 15% discount,” in an email, a Signal is sent. The teammate is providing a price reduction. Alone this may not be critical, but in the aggregate, discounting can be a bad habit for account management teams

Otherwise, Sturdy shows details about specific accounts. It’s always informative to know if any teammate has offered a customer a discount — and when, and, most importantly, why. Sturdy surfaces this information in easy-to-read dashboards, so you don’t need to wade through your CRM, CSP, or ticketing system. 

Cost Cutting

This signal detects when a customer is looking to cut costs or reduce their spend. This is another directional signal that only fires on incoming interactions 

For example, when a customer says something like, “We've loved the platform so much, but we are trying to reduce costs as much as possible” in an email, a signal is being sent, and often swift action needs to be taken to solidify a renewal, spot a trend, or answer questions like — what segments are asking for cost reductions, etc.

Discovering and delivering customer Signals at the right time helps teams understand what needs attention — know, now. Survey and health scores don’t give teammates the knowledge of what to do now. Signals uncovered from everyday interactions with your customers are insanely relevant — a must have.  In today’s competitive SaaS environment, the most successful companies are learning to “listen” and interpret the Signals that their customers are giving them about their products and services. The category-leading companies are doing this at scale - automatically with Sturdy.  

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