Sturdy’s Executive Revenue Dashboard is in Beta

Joel Passen
February 28, 2023
4 Minutes

Churn is the biggest threat to growth for B2B businesses having recurring revenue models. Therefore, keeping a watchful eye on key revenue metrics like  account growth and retention is critical for executives.  Real-time dashboards are essential for executives as they provide visibility into their business performance. Dashboards help executives quickly gain insights into their key performance metrics and spot potential trends or issues before they become major problems.

We identified a trend after speaking with dozens of executives at customer-obsessed companies over the past year or so. Leaders and board members want key revenue metrics available with one click. They neither have the time nor the need to go into the deepest levels of data. They want a quick way to access topline revenue stats and relevant data to inform conversations with revenue teams. 

The all-new Sturdy Executive Revenue Dashboard, now in beta, makes powerful revenue analysis accessible anytime. It provides a quick way for the management to visualize and understand the following:

  • account growth
  • cancellations 
  • month over month cancellation trends
  • churn rate

Sturdy’s new Executive Revenue Dashboards allow execs to automatically gather, organize and analyze the revenue metrics that are most important to the organization in one simple dashboard. Benefits include:

  • A concise executive revenue summary – Executives get a consolidated report of key revenue metrics in one pane of glass. 
  • Visualize trends –  A quick and effortless way for executive management to visualize the most critical trends, including growth, monthly cancellation trends, churn rate, and retention rate.  
  • On-demand - With Sturdy, execs never have to wait for monthly or quarterly reports on the business's health. Access critical revenue-related trends anytime on demand with one mouse click. 

Interested in learning more about how real-time revenue dashboards and churn dashboards can help executives? If so, book some time with one of our experts. During the demonstration, our expert will show you how our dashboard solutions can provide visibility into your business performance and enable you to take proactive steps toward reducing customer attrition and driving long-term growth.

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