How Hawke Media improved month-over-month retention by 30% in just six weeks.

Sturdy provided the insights necessary to intervene proactively, to improve services, and to strengthen customer relationships.
Sturdy saves hundreds of thousands of dollars - Tony Delmercado, President Hawke Media

Hawke Media is the top performance marketing agency in the country. Having successfully grown over 4,500 brands, most of which you've heard of, Hawke Media knows how to drive value for its customers. 

Tony Delmercado, Co-founder and President, states, "I'm obsessed with keeping my customers and keeping them happy." However, their challenge is finding customer health insights in the pile of information flowing in through emails, chats, and calls.

"I wanted to lean in and ensure we provided a truly impactful service to every customer. Our challenge was that we had all of this data with all of these teams, and things fell through the cracks. You sometimes need to go in and get your elbows dirty as an executive, but there's just so much data."  - Tony Delmercado, Founder and President of Hawke Media

Hawke’s partnership with Sturdy began after an internal meeting. They recognized that their current, proactive intervention processes weren't scaling well, relied on anecdotes instead of data, and took too long to get the right interventions to the right customers. This realization prompted them to take the plunge and try Sturdy.

Getting up and running with Sturdy took an hour while Sturdy's team prepared integrations with Gong, Gmail, and HubSpot. After a day or so, Sturdy loaded data into the user interface and conducted a "data reveal meeting." During this revelation, Hawk Media and their team grasped the actual value of Sturdy. Sturdy automatically unearthed insights into their customer interactions, leading to process improvements, triage reports, and providing the executives with the profound understanding they sought regarding their customers.

"Sturdy has given us the insights necessary to intervene proactively, to improve services, and to strengthen our customer relationships. Every customer wants that. And that ultimately leads to retention." 

What Hawke Media's team realized long before implementing Sturdy was that as a marketing services agency, they didn’t possess usage and engagement data like a pure technology company. Instead, their version of customer insights was trapped in the everyday communications with their customers. As it turns out, these unstructured interactions, in their various forms across many team members, are just the types of data Sturdy turns into valuable insights that ultimately impact the bottom line. 

"With Sturdy, we went from largely wasting our most powerful data source, our customer’s voice, to creating easily understandable metrics and interventions that everyone in our company can use. It took less than six weeks to see month-over-month retention improve by 30%.” 

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