80% of customer churn is preventable.

We lose customers, build the wrong things, and have people in the wrong jobs because we don’t know what we don’t know.

No one buys because they want to cancel.

No one buys your product or service hoping to cancel. So, what takes customers from green to gone? We’ve identified three common themes: product and service quality issues, process issues, and poor interventions.

Are you really listening to your customers?

Listening to our customers is harder than it sounds. We're not using 90% of the customer data we're collecting because it's trapped, collecting digital dust in customer emails, tickets, chats, call transcripts, surveys, and more. Many of our critical customer interactions are read once and wasted.
Breakdown of Customer Data Sources - 86% Email, tickets, calls : 8% CRM : 5% Log data : 2% Surveys, NPS, Reports

Listen. Identify. Act.

With Sturdy, you choose a data source to organize, inspect, and segment. Next, pick your signals to select the customer behavior you want to monitor. Real-time alerts kick off action plans, ensuring data has found the human or system. The outcomes – data-driven decisions, smarter interventions, and the catalyst for customer-led growth.