Light up your dark data.

90% of data generated and collected by businesses is dark—untapped, and often completely unknown.

More than a platform—an AI teammate

Imagine if product teams, engineering teams, sales teams, account management teams, ops teams, and executives had their own AI teammate that organized every interaction with your prospects and customers and turned it into knowledge to help make everyone’s job easier.

The sales team has been overpromising.

Sturdy detects when a customer indicates a discrepancy between the product or service they expected and the one they received. By identifying breakdowns in the sales process, teams can make adjustments to prevent customer cancellations.

Are we really losing customers due to price?

Sturdy also signals when customers want to cut costs or reduce spending. Swift action needs to be taken to solidify a renewal, spot a trend, or answer questions like—"What segments are asking for cost reductions", etc.

There are problems with the onboarding process.

Sturdy detects when customers are confused, frustrated, and more during specific stages in the customer journey, like implementation. Identify anomalies and insights and escalate issues before they become bigger problems.
Led by a team of seasoned SAAS entrepreneurs and experienced data scientists, Sturdy is unlocking massive value from data that has been hiding in plain sight.”
Tom Chavez
Co-Founder & CEO, Ketch
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