Every customer interaction in one pane of glass

Now B2B executives can leverage a tool that unifies data and knowledge across all sources in a single view.

Get total context behind reports, dashboards, and health scores

Analysis after the fact just doesn’t cut it. Sturdy empowers your teams to use continuous customer feedback to iterate and triage what matters to customers now. Executives have the power to get the context behind all those reports, dashboards, and health scores you've been seeing. You'll have full visibility into the why and how of each customer interaction, giving you the answers you need to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Saying you're customer-centric isn’t enough

Most leaders say they’re customer-centric, but getting the summaries from survey initiatives and arbitrary customer health score data isn’t enough. Understand your customers’ reality by learning from what they say in every interaction with your team. Sturdy gives you the power to see what your customers are saying. Insights into the trends and topics are at your fingertips, delivered in intuitive interfaces, or simply sent to your email.
A clear image of a hand can be seen through the glasses. Everything else is blurry.

See what your customers are really saying

Take the mystery out of the reports. Use AI to better understand your customers by account, segment, stage, and more. Identify business risks early on, double down on what’s working, and get ahead of emerging customer needs. Know, now with Sturdy.