Activate your champions

Sturdy discovers the magic moments, enthusiastic fans, and generally positive people ready to be activated to tell their stories.

A Signal that will make you happy!

Product feedback from your customers is invaluable. Relying on surveys alone provides only a fraction of the story. With the right feedback solution, the VoC team provides impactful, data-informed insights about your customer journey and what products and features to build next.

Automated active listening

Sturdy amplifies the topics and sentiment that, until now, has been hidden in inboxes and systems gathering digital dust. Build automations to deliver insights to the right teams prompting them to harvest references, reviews, user stories, and more.

Find your champions

Sturdy is designed to identify enthusiastic fans and generally positive people who can become powerful advocates and champions. Identify your power users and positive people that may be your next panelist, conference attendee, or star in your next video testimonial.