Data hiding in plain sight

Sturdy gives Operations teams access to an entirely new structured data source that, until now, has been collecting digital dust in thousands of databases.

Give your leaders a fresh look and unlock a new data set

Rev and BI ops leaders need their CX leaders to be data-driven. But somehow, all those painstakingly built dashboards often go unread because the same stale data is presented in different ways. With Sturdy, ops teams ensure their stakeholders get fresh insights from an entirely new data source - the actual voice of the customer. Build new analytical frameworks and visualizations with data that has never before surfaced.

Turn unusable data into knowledge to lift revenue

The variety, velocity, and volume of today’s unstructured customer data can make it seem unusable — until now.  Sturdy does the dirty work for you, providing access to previously unstructured data from customer email, support tickets, customer chats, call transcripts, user community platforms, and more.

Make your reports and other systems even more powerful

Add a new data source to your reports, dashboards, and other systems that tell the story about your customer. Sturdy provides the “why” data, the qualitative context directly from our multi-channel customer communications. Improve health scores, create new analytical frameworks, and more with data formatted to be used by humans and other systems.